Stemulation Facial Serum

stemulation facial serumThe Stemulation Serum is the latest in leading edge scientific development featuring our revolutionary active ingredients. Stemulation is an exclusive formula of proteins, peptides that are produced through a proprietary scientific process. This process uses the essence of human Mesenchymal adult stem cells to “Stemulate” the natural growth and reproduction of skin cells diminishing the appearance of wrinkles and aging skin. Giving the skin a vital fresh glow that comes naturally with new healthy skin. Stemulation Facial Serum is the first of it's kind product in the world producing strong and consistent results.

Usage Instructions

Apply 1-2 pumps of Stemulation Serum to clean dry face. Apply specifically to trouble areas, around the eyes, forehead, facial folds and lip area. Use an additional1-2 pumps of Stemulation Facial Serum on the neck and décolletage area of the upper chest and cleavage for improvement in the appearance of skin texture and tone. Allow for complete absorption before applying any crèmes or lotion.