Ceylon Pepo Peel

October is the perfect time to indulge in our scrumptious Ceylon Pepo Peel professional facial. If you love the smell of a fresh baked pumpkin pie then you'll love this treatment.

Ceylon Pepo peel is an intensive exfoliating and rejuvenating treatment for all skin types. This unique melon/gourde enzyme and multi-fruit complex combines over 100 beneficial nutrients with naturally occurring acids to exfoliate dead skin cells while nourishing the underlying tissue.

Formulated to provide deep, yet gentle, exfoliation for facial, neck and décolleté areas, allowing AHA’s to effortlessly penetrate clogged pores and assist in cell proliferation. Then Ceylon Pepo Peel can be used as a stand-alone peel treatment or layered with other mild AHA peels, as well as in conjunction with other facial treatments such as micro-dermabrasion.

This is a professional treatment here are a few of our professional spa partners who offer this delightful treatment.

Sage Spa, Campbell River, BC   

Masterpiece Aesthetics and Surgical Arts, Corona Del Mar, CA  

 Etheria Salon and Spa, Houston, TX

Making Faces, Newport Beach, CA 

Mona Esthetics, Memphis, TN