Wearing lipstick is a beauty basic. A fresh face and a dab of color on your lips and you are ready to face the world!. But is your lipstick telling more about your personality than you think? Well here's a few commonly agreed personality traits as defined by the shape of our lipsticks.

Slant / close to original shape: Abides by the rules, doesn't like too much attention, a little self-conscious, reserved, loves a scheudle.

Rounded tip to a point: Lovable, family oriented,stubborne over little things, exaggerates sometimes, needs people around. 

Rounded smooth tip: Easy going, peacemaker, even tempered, likeable, generous. 

Flat top: To the point, high morals, careful about appearance, needs approval, conservative, quick mind, loves a challenge. 

Flat top concave: Makes a great detective, makes friends easily, adventous, inquisitive, complex, exciting. 

Sharpe angle but curved tip: Creative, enthusiastic, talkative, loves attention, falls in love easily, Needs a scheudle but dislikes one. 

Sharpe angle both sides: Spritiual, seeks attention, mysterious, big ego, faithful, loves life

Resource credits to: Valenspervoi.blogspot.comhttp://www.goodhousekeeping.com/beauty/makeup/g2748/lipstick-tip-shape-personality/