Sometimes, by God's grace and favor you meet people that have an amazing impact in your life.  They are kindered spirits and there is a deep common bond.   Tiffany Hendra is one of those people.  We had the pleasure of meeting Tiffany at the Indie Beauty Expo in Dallas in May and her incredible passion to empower women to create a fullfilling life of completeness: spritiually and emotionally, is contagious. 

Tiffany lives her life with integrity and compassion and a commitment to her faith that radiates her inner beauty.  Sanctuary of Style and  are two of her platforms designed to reach out and encourage all women. Tiffany is a successsful model, spokesperson and former star of Bravo's The Real Housewives of Dallas.  We believe what Tiffany's is doinig is one worth real accolades!!  She has become a friend and fan of Stemulation Skin Care

We encorage you to take a moment to get to know Tiffany and follow her on instagram @tiffanyhendra  It is wonderful to meet someone as stunning as TIffany who is even more beautiful inside.  We will continue to support Tiffany and we are proud to welcome her to the Stemulation family!