Do you suffer with the irritating issue of chicken skin or more professionally referred to as KP for keratosis pilaris? . (photo from the American Academy of Dermatology) You know those unsightly bumps on the backs of your arms? It can also affect the the thighs, forearms, face and buttocks. While this is an annoying condition it is generally very treatable. KP is often caused by dormant hair follicles trapped by dry skin. Stemulation offers a wonderful effective treatment to rid yourself of Chicken Skin for good. Our recommendation is to exfoliate the affected area with Stemulation Daily Micro Derm Scrub and then apply Rescue Repair with 8% lactic acid to clear the pathway and remove the dry skin. This combination will dramatically improve the appearance and soften the skin in the area within days of regular application. Severe cases should see a professional either your licensed esthetician or your dermatologist for a treatment protocol including salicylic acid. USE GLOW20 Coupon Code to save $20 off your purchase of Daily Micro Derm Scrub and Rescue Repair. (Wholesale partners contact Customer Service for special combo pricing)