The Science Behind Stemulation

The field of stem cell research is growing at a rapid pace, and a number of recentstudies of adult stem cells (ASC) collectively suggest that health is a balance of
cellular loss taking place as a part of the normal process of aging and the amount of Bone Marrow Stem Cell (BMSC) based tissue regeneration.1

Stem cells have properties of self-renewal and multipotency. Adult stem cells can produce differentiated skin cells. BMSC can differentiate into multiple skin cell
types and contribute to wound and tissue repair.1

Our bodies naturally release BMSC to the site of a trauma or tissue injury. Once the stem cells reach the area of the injured skin they begin a proliferation process
to produce growth factors and cytokines. The growth factors go to work stimulating collagen synthesis of HDF (Human Dermal Fibroblast) 2.

Together with the earlier studies on other topical growth factor products, there is growing evidence for the beneficial use of growth factors and cytokines in
reducing the negative visible effects of skin aging. In principle, growth factors and cytokines may participate in the skin rejuvenation process at various levels due
to their multifunctional activities. Some growth factors, including transforming growth factor beta, are potent stimulators of the expression of extracellular matrix
proteins such as collagen. Based on the fact that a series of cutaneous functions responsive to growth factor are impaired with natural skin aging, one may
speculate that the appearance of aged skin may also preferentially benefit by an appropriate combination of growth factors and cytokines, similar to wound

Based on the studies conducted to date, it appears that no serious safety issues have arisen; systemic absorption appears to be minimal, and no untoward local
effects have been reported. These peptides have not caused cancer at the site of application, they have not been absorbed in substantial amounts and caused
fibrosis, and they have not worsened diabetic retinopathy.4

Stemulation acquires ASC- BMSC from a certified GMP lab dedicated to wound care and research. Then through our proprietary process in our research facility,
we capture the growth factors and cytokines used in Stemulation products.

These studies and numerous more relating to skin rejuvenation, tissue repair and wound healing is the science that Stemulation Luxury Skin Care is based upon.

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