What do stem cells have to do with Stemulation?

We use stem cells to produce growth factors, cytokines and proteins through a cell proliferation process to create the conditioned media in our formulas. Conditioned media is the fluid that contains the growth factors, cytokines and peptides once the stem cells are removed. This conditioned media is the active ingredient in Stemulation.

Why are growth factors, cytokines and peptides important?

In simple terms, growth factors are the messenger signals that tell our cells to respond. As the “EMT of the body”, Mesenchymal stem cells arrive at the location of a trauma and begin a cell proliferation process which produces cytokines (aka peptides), growth factors and proteins that direct the body’s response from the surrounding cells. In Stemulation, we have enabled the stem cells to be bypassed by utilizing the conditioned media that has been produced by the stem cells.

Where do the stem cells come from and is it ethical?

We purchase donor certified stem cells from GMP Medical Laboratories. They are derived from donated bone marrow and are non-embryonic. These are the same quality and sources that supply cells for research and transplantation.

What types of stem cells are used?

We use Mesenchymal Stem Cells because they are pluripotent stem cells. Mesenchymal stem cells are from bone marrow but a pluripotent cell is a cell that is capable of differentiating into one of many cell types such as skin, bone, tissue and blood.

What is the purpose of Mesenchymal stem cells in the body?

As described above, they are a pluripotent cell, but more importantly, they are the Medicinal Signaling cells that act as the Emergency Medical Team (EMT) of the body. They direct our healthy cells to respond to any deficiency or trauma.

How can stem cells be in a topical product?

They CANNOT. THERE ARE NO STEM CELLS IN STEMULATION PRODUCTS. Stem cells cannot live outside of a controlled environment like the body or the lab and the molecular size is too large to penetrate the skin. This is not possible and any product that claims that their products contain actual stem cells is presenting misinformation.

Using Stemulation Products

Why does Stemulation work for ALL skin types?

Stemulation is designed to work the reverse of most products on the market. Rather than the product dictating what the body needs, Stemulation’s growth factors respond to the cells to help nurture and balance the health of the skin and tissue thus, addressing each individual need.

What ages would benefit most from Stemulation Luxury Skin Care?

Stemulation Luxury Skin Care offers exceptional quality ingredients designed to improve the overall health and vitality of the skin. There are numerous ingredients to slow the aging process. However, we have seen wonderful results with traditional troubled skin conditions and Stemulation has made a tremendous impact on individuals suffering from break outs when using the scrub, the serum and the boost as young as 13. Since Stemulation has such an impact on the health and vitality of the skin, ages 13 to 103 will enjoy the improved texture, tone and healthy glow that Stemulation skin care produces. Your individual regimen will be based on whether you are in the preventative or restorative stage in your skin care routine.

Can you use Stemulation Luxury Skin Care with other products?

ABSOLUTELY!! Stemulation is designed to augment and enhance a disciplined skin care routine. It does not interfere with other ingredients. It is recommended to be applied first to clean skin and then proceed with the established routine. Best results are achieved when used twice a day. If a retinol, or other glycolic, or lactic product is being used, you would not use the Boost Crème at the same time. It would be too aggressive and may cause irritation.

Who else can benefit from Stemulation?

The simplicity of Stemulation makes it perfect for the minimalist, the person that is not willing to invest a lot of time into a skin care routine but wants results, as well as the newbie, that is just starting out, and the sophisticated client who wants the latest and greatest in science and technology.

What separates Stemulation in the market?

Lots of manufacturers have used growth factors from a variety of sources, but Stemulation is the first product to use growth factors from the source, the stem cell. Like all natural things, fresh is generally always better, and offers more potency. In addition to ground breaking science, we use only the highest quality ingredients to produce a product with exceptional efficacy and to provide our customers with a truly unique luxury skin care experience.

Are Stemulation products safe?

Yes, Stemulation products have no known side effects. We do not give medical advice and you should always consult your doctor for their medical opinion, if you are pregnant or nursing. However, our medical advisory team and our research shows that these products are non-invasive and safe to use while pregnant.

Are there any suggested avoidances?

Individuals with rare skin conditions, such as the over-production of collagen or allergies to peptides should avoid use.

What can be expected from the beginning with Stemulation products?

Stemulation Facial Serum is the foundation of the Stemulation line and the one product you don’t want to live without. It can be added to your existing routine or you can develop a complete protocol with Stemulation products. Within the first few weeks of using the Stemulation Facial Serum, you will notice an improvement to the texture and tone of your skin.
Not only will it feel softer and smoother, it will also look more vibrant and alive.

The Stemulation Boost Crème is formulated to open the pathways to allow the serum to penetrate deeper into the dermis for greater efficacy. Boost will pull out impurities and the combination of the Serum and the Boost will tighten pores and improve texture within a week to 10 days, when used as directed. Should you experience any minor break out, stick with the products and the condition will improve in a few days, leaving beautiful results.

Our expectation of our products is to produce vibrant, healthy-looking skin at every age.

Is Stemulation Skin Care Cruelty Free?

Yes. None of our products or ingredients are ever animal tested.

Does Stemulation Skin Care use micro beads in the scrub?

No, we use Diatomaceous Earth, a form of fossilized organic aquatic organisms, seaweed and pumas. These are food grade, the same as toothpaste.

Is Stemulation organic

We use 87% organic and botanical ingredients. We are not certified organic because we do use some synthetic ingredients to enhance performance and stability.

Some additional points of interest:

  • Our conditioned media was analyzed and tested at Stanford University for its quality and purity.
  • We have a renowned quadruple board certified cosmetic surgeon as member of our advisory team.
  • We work with qualified pharmaceutical labs that have received GMP (good manufacturing practice) certifications.
  • We work directly with 2 PhDs on our new product development. The original research work was done with UCI (University of California, Irvine) at the Bill and Susan Gross Stem Cell Research facility.
  • Stemulation products use aloe as our base in most all of our products because of its anti-inflammatory properties and its ability to help promote healing.
  • We have a very serious focus on our formulations to use as many botanical and natural ingredients as possible to enrich our products. These botanicals are filled with nutrients and anti-oxidants that help support the effects of the stem cell science. We are real science with real results –– an intersection of science and nature.