Enlightenment Mask

A beautiful blend of our stem cell growth factors and powerful brightening actives create the Enlightenment Mask.

The newest addition to the Stemulation Skin Care line is the Enlightenment Mask. Our Korean sheet masks are exceptional quality of ingredients combining our stem cell science and growth factors with exotic Asian botanicals in an easy to use sheet mask application. The Enlightenment Mask is formulated to nourish and brighten the skin for a luminosity that radiates from within. Take 20 minutes for yourself for brighter more radiant skin. We encourage you to find a quiet place, open a single sachet and apply it to your clean face, adjusting the eyes, nose, and mouth openings. Center yourself, take a few deep breaths and relax. Enjoy the sensation of the growth factors and nutrients gently penetrating into your skin. Take a moment to reflect on gratitude and the blessings in your life. Upon completion, gently massage the remaining serum into the skin. Your skin should feel refreshed and renewed and you will be Enlightened.

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