The Power of Stem Cell Science


The entire Stemulation Skin Care product line is based on the science of stem cells

What are stem cells?

Stem cells are cells with the potential to develop into many different types of cells in the body. They serve as a repair system for the body and in our case, for the body's largest organ - your skin.

We are born with an abundance of stem cells that support our growth to maturity.  As we mature to adulthood, we have fewer and fewer stem cells to restore and repair traumas of the body.  

Stemulation solves this issue by introducing topical, bio-identical growth factors that support new skin cell development. Stemulation replenishes the growth factors lost in the same way we take vitamins and supplements to replenish missing nutrients in our bodies.  


 After cleansing and toning, you apply your treatment serums, hydrating moisturizers and your UV protection from the thinnest products to the thickest.

So what products in the Stemulation line are important to your skin conditions?


Our Gentle Gel Cleanser is a refreshing foaming cleanser featuring healing aloe and calming chamomile extract to soothe and refresh the skin.  

It can be whipped into a foam and used a gentle shaving cream. This cleanser is recommended for normal to oily skin.  It removes impurities without striping the skin of natural oils. 



Daily Micro Derm Scrub 


Definitely one of our most popular products, the Daily Micro Derm Scrub is a lightly exfoliating foaming cleanser.  Recommended for daily use in the shower, the scrub removes dry skin and promotes new cell production.  

It is our gentlest scrub and appropriate for all skin types.  If you suffer from severe acne or breakouts, be careful not to over stimulate with excessive scrubbing.  Using a scrub in your cleansing routine will help reduce the build up of trapped bacteria aggravating this condition. 


Nitty Gritty Face and Body Polish 


Nitty Gritty is formulated with the same refreshing ingredients as the Daily Micro Derm Scrub but with a higher concentration of exfoliant. 

Depending on your skin type Nitty Gritty can be used daily for dryer skin types and alternated throughout the week for oilier skin. 

If you suffer from rough dry skin or the little bumps on the back of your arms, thighs, buttocks or sometimes face  known as keratosis pilaris, Nitty Gritty can be a very effective treatment. 

The best application for this (except for the face) is to start with a good dry brush.  Vigorously brush the dry skin to stimulate the blood circulation ( this is also helpful with cellulite) then rub an ample amount of Nitty Gritty on the brushed area until it is mostly dry and pasty.  Immediately rinse in the shower. 

The results are a refreshed smooth skin.  Finish with either Rescue Repair or Relance Body Lotion for silky smooth renewed skin.



AHA Balancing Toner


AHA Balancing Toner is a critical step for maximum results.  Why is toner critical you ask?  Well our AHA Toner is formulated differently with a different objective. Our toner is specifically formulated to bring the pH of the skin back to neutral.  The reason this is a critical step is that when we change the pH of the skin by we increase the skin barrier making it more difficult for the treatment serums to penetrate the skin.  By balancing the pH, the products applied next are easily absorbed.  The Alpha Hydroxy Acid is also very effective at killing surface bacteria, so it is beneficial in fighting acne and breakouts related the surface bacterias from excessive oils produced by sebaceous glands. 

AHA, is also a proven brightener fighting discolorations and dark spots.


"Liquid Gold" Facial Serum  


 "Liquid Gold"  is the foundation of the line and is the broad spectrum serum that acts as the multivitamin for the skin.  With the highest concentration of growth factors and botanical antioxidants, "Liquid Gold" is affective in addressing most common skin concerns.  The growth factors help to stabilize the production of the sebaceous gland production which can reduce break outs and acne.  Additionally, growth factors "stemulate" the production of collagen and elastin which keeps the skin plump and supple, thus has a very valuable effect in reducing the signs of advanced aging.  

Bottomline, if you can only add one item to your skin care regiment "Liquid Gold" is your go to serum. 

HI Impact Serum


Hi Impact Serum was created to immediate gratification.  Blended with epidermal growth factors, hyaluronic acid and vitamin C, this serum is designed to plump, hydrate and address the discoloration of the skin from sun spots and melasma. The hyaluronic acid makes this serum a viable lightweight hydrator for humid climates and adds the additional boost in hydration to dry climates. 



Copper Tri-Peptide with EGF Growth Factors 


Copper peptides are particularly effective in treating the signs of aging caused by the loss of collagen and elastin.  When combined with EGF's (epidermal growth factors) they provide a restorative component to the benefits. This serum is also great in treating the appearance of dark   Our Copper Tri-peptide serum is the perfect starter serum.  It provides you the benefits of EGF's restorative properties as well as the value of collagen and elastin production and a brightening component. 

We recommend this serum for your preventative skin care routine. 

Elevate Eye Creme


Formulated to address puffiness, dark circles and fine lines.  This gel creme is specific to these conditions.  If you are simply concerned with fine lines and wrinkles, we suggest using the serums around your eyes. 






Drench Daily Hydration 


Our ultra-rich daily moisturizer.  Formulated for mature skin with the additional support necessary to reduce the loss of collagen and elastin that is depleted as we age. Long lasting moisture will protect your skin all day.  Drench is formulated using a biotechnological marine alternative to hyaluronic acid, this treatment provides highly advanced moisture retaining properties improving skin suppleness, elasticity, firmness and tone. 



Boost Night Repair


A hydrating night creme with lactic acid designed to gently lift away dry skin that blocks pathways and creates a thin skin barrier.  The affect of this thin dry skin barrier is a dull lifeless appearance to the skin. The lactic acid in this nutrient rich night creme gently loosens the dry skin tissue over night.  When followed in the morning with either the Daily Micro Derm Scrub or the Nitty Gritty Face and Body Polish, the dry skin is removed, revealing beautiful fresh skin, ready and able to respond to your treatments. 

Boost also features a number of skin brightening botanicals to help illuminate the skin and create an even glowing skin tone. 


Rescue Repair 


Our Boost Créme for the body. Rescue Repair is extremely hydrating and the high percentage of lactic acid help to break down the dry skin and calluses, producing super soft skin. Rescue Repair has the same extensive blend of botanicals and antioxidants fighting free radicals and brightening ingredients to fight dark spots and discolorations. Designed for neck, décolleté, hands, feet, elbows and knees. 

May be used as an alternate to Boost Creme on the face for those who can tolerate a higher level of lactic acid; for a deeper peel. 

Enlightenment Sheet Mask


Loaded with age-defying growth factors and anti-aging ingredients, certainly a treatment mask, but with the superior hydration and moisturizing formula, we have listed it here under hydration.  This mask is a wonderful follow up to any esthetic procedure, with the growth factors stimulating new collagen and elastin activity, reduces the appearance of redness and inflammation post procedure.  It is an amazing pre-event treatment as it plumps and hydrates leaving your skin revitalized without any negative effects. 


Stemulation does not offer sunscreen.  We do however, recommend that you use a quality SPF and pay particular attention to sun exposure when using lactic acid products as the can increase sensitivity. 

We highly recommend Elta MD Sunscreens and Coola Sunscreen. 


Stemulation Skin Care uses two distinct proven methods to improve the over all condition of the skin. 

1. Gentle exfoliation and promotion of cell turnover 

2. The treatment of the skin tissue with growth factors, antioxidants, botanicals and peptides that nurture and stimulate a healthy response for our skin to promote the production of collagen and elastin.  Critical to the ability to retain hydration and fight off fine lines and wrinkles. 

3.  Stemulation utilizes bio-identical stem cell growth factors - Our stem cell growth factors are produced in a pharmaceutical laboratory.  They are synthetic, not human or animal derived.

Supporting medical papers 

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Please feel free to contact us with additional questions or concerns.