Our Science

What do stem cells have to do with Stemulation?

Stemulation is formulated using Stem Cell science as our formulation foundation.  Stem cells produce growth factors and amino acids and peptide, also known scientifically as cytokines.  These growth factors are the messaging molecule the communicate to our cells how to repair and restore themselves.   Our esteemed medical advisors and scientist analyzed a panel of human stem cell culture and identifying and isolating the key cytokines, growth factors and peptides that address the support of skin tissue and the cell structure.  We then a formulated a proprietary selection of synthetic bio-identical growth factors to supplement the natural growth factors generated naturally by the body.  No human stem cells are used in the making of Stemulation, only bio-identical growth factors created in a pharmaceutical lab. Age is the principal catalyst in the deterioration of the natural stem cells available in young healthy bodies and in the same way we supplement our bodies by taking vitamins and minerals as we age, Stemulation topically supplements the epidermal growth factors and peptides that are depleted with age.

Why are growth factors, cytokines and peptides important?

In simple terms, growth factors are the messenger signals that tell our cells to respond. As the “EMT of the body”, Mesenchymal stem cells arrive at the location of a trauma and begin a cell proliferation process which produces cytokines (aka peptides), growth factors and proteins that direct the body’s response from the surrounding cells. In Stemulation, we have enabled the stem cells to be bypassed by utilizing the conditioned media that has been produced by the stem cells

Where do the stem cells come from and is it ethical?

Yes, our growth factors and peptides are created in a pharmaceutical lab.  These peptides are not human derivatives. These peptide ingredients are registered and legal around the world.

Is Stemulation safe to use during Pregnancy? 

Yes, we are free of toxins and harsh chemicals but always check with your doctor before using any new products during pregnancy.

Is Stemulation Organic?

We use 87% organic and botanical ingredients. We are not certified organic because we do use some synthetic ingredients to enhance performance and stability.  We have a very serious focus on our formulations to use as many botanical and natural ingredients as possible to enrich our products. These botanicals are filled with nutrients and anti-oxidants that help support the effects of the stem cell science. We are real science with real results –– an intersection of science and nature.


Is Stemulation Skin Care Cruelty Free?

Yes. None of our products or ingredients are ever animal tested.