2020 Skin Concerns - "Mask-ne" Breakouts Caused By Wearing Masks.

Help reduce breakouts around the mouth and jawline with these tips!

 Young woman in a Mask

With the fear of germs and contamination caused by the pandemic, we have all been wearing mask to comply with the health advisory.  Unfortunately, this has its own issues, so here are s few tips to reduce breakouts. 

Tip #1
Keep It Clean
If you prefer to wear a fashion-forward cloth mask, make sure that you are washing your mask regularly! Hate laundry? Stick with a disposable mask and toss after one use. 

Tip #2
Wash Away The Day

Washing your face has never been more important.  Use a cleanser that will remove impurities without being too harsh to irritating! When the skin is stripped of it from its natural oils, the skin overproduces oil -- making breakouts even more likely.


Daily Micro Derm Scrub Gentle Gel Cleanser and  AHA Balancing Toner



Tip #3
Don't Rough It, Slough It 
Make sure you are gently exfoliating your face at least once a week! It is critical to remove dead skin cells so buildup does not occur. Daily gentle exfoliation can also help to reduce pore size!
Nitty Gritty Face and Body Polish and Rescue Repair Lotion

Tip #4

Kill Surface Bacteria 

 Using a toner after cleansing like our AHA Balancing Toner will help kill surface bacteria while bringing the skin's pH levels back to neutral.

Other product that control surface bacteria are: 

Refining Boost Night Creme

Rescue Repair

AHA Balancing Toner Kills surface bacteria

Tip #5

Treat Yourself

Don't forget to pamper your skin. In these unpredictable times, remember to take some time for you - your skin will thank you!

Our Enlightenment Masks will restore and revive your skin with bio-identical growth factors, antioxidants and peptides. 

Don't forget to follow up with your favorite serum! 

Check out our "Liquid Gold" Facial Serum


Self-Care is not Selfish 

Take time to care for yourself so you can have the capacity to care for others 

Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Beautiful 

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