Stemulation Growth Factors - The secret to vibrant healthy skin

The foundation of the Stemulation Skin Care line is steeped in the science of stem cell growth factors.  So what are they and why are they important in skin care?

Stem cell growth factors are naturally present in our bodies and they function as the messaging signal  telling our healthy cells how to perform. 

In the case of an injury, the growth factors produced by stem cells encourage and “stemulate” healing and yes, growth of new healthy skin tissue.

Growth factors support the repair of damaged skin by encouraging collagen synthesis.  Growth factors contribute to the elements necessary for strong supple tissue with elasticity and firmness.

At Stemulation, we use bio-identical growth factors.  These growth factors or specifically epidermal growth factors (EGF’s), are produced in a pharmaceutical lab and emulate the functionality of the stem cells. 

We are born with an abundance of stem cells.  They are necessary for our growth and development.  In our youth, we could fall down on the playground and the following day the wound would be scabbed over, because of the abundance of stem cell growth factors present in the body.   But as we reach adulthood our stem cells have diminished: and the balance of our stem cells are specifically reserved for trauma to the body.  Ever notice how that little paper cut is still tender days later?  It certainly isn’t life threatening and in turn the body sparingly sends out the growth factors necessary to activate the healing.

The science behind Stemulation is the ability to reintroduce these critical growth factors topically.  We use aloe vera as a carrier due to its amazing ability to penetrate the skin barrier allowing these growth factors to work effectively.   Where water evaporates and is unable to assist the growth factors in the absorption process, aloe vera  is the perfect conduit for the growth factors to work their magic sue to its molecular weight and high absorption capacity .

Our serums all feature growth factors and peptides to activate the healing properties defined by the serum objectives and your personal preferences.

To achieve maximum results we use a two prong approach.  The first vital step in your skin vibrancy journey is exfoliation. Exfoliation is so important to good skin health because it removes the dry skin layer that builds up daily due to being bombarded by the elements, free radicals and environmental influences.  By refreshing and removing the dull lifeless skin, you open up the pathways allowing better penetration of the nourishment provided by your treatment serums.  Applying the valuable and pricy ingredients of treatment serums without prepping the skin can be wasteful and may make it more challenging for your treatment serum to achieve the best results.

We offer two versions of scrubs for home care.

You may choose to have a variety of esthetic treatments done by your skin care professional including light therapies, microderm abrasion and lasers that accelerate the cell turn-over process.

The cell turnover not only opens the pathways for your treatment serum and nourishment, it activates a deeper activation of collagen and elastin production.  

So, if you are looking to take your skin care to the next level, remember to exfoliate and consider adding treatment serums to nurture your skin. And finally, discuss a scrub routine or explore alternative methods with your skin care professional to achieve maximum results.

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