Stemulation is taking a stand against ageism and promoting healthy, glowing skin at every age.

Years ago, I was inspired to create Stemulation Skin Care because I was embarrassed by my prematurely aging skin.  I was born with a compromised skin condition that caused my skin to age at an accelerated rate due to dehydration and the lack of collagen. Creating the Stemulation Facial Serum was life changing for me.  It wasn’t that I wasn’t aging anymore… but Stemulation transformed my tired skin into something vibrant and healthy. I had not “STOPPED” the clock, but I certainly found a way to embrace the process. This prompted me to create a full product line that could make others feel better about their skin.



As we age, the appearance of our skin may change, but that doesn't mean we should feel any less vibrant or confident in our own skin. I admit that I submitted to the pressure of using industry familiar terms like “anti-aging” even though I was adamantly against it and all it implied. However, thanks to Nancy Griffin, principal of spa and wellness marketing firm Contento Marketing, long-time colleague and friend launched the “Expose Ageism” movement that we found the courage to stand against these negative terms and marketing psychology.  At Stemulation Skin Care, we are taking a stand against ageism and promoting healthy, glowing skin at every age.

We believe that the term "anti-aging" is not only misleading, but it also perpetuates the idea that aging is something to be feared or avoided. We believe aging is an honor, a gift that should be cherished. With age comes wisdom and inner peace, and we want to promote the idea that beauty and confidence come from within, regardless of age. We like to think of it as aging elegance. 

At Stemulation, we use bio-identical stem cell growth factors, antioxidants, and proven peptides to support healthy tissue and new skin development. Our ingredients help to firm the skin and reduce the look of tired skin, but we never make promises that our products will make you look 10 or 20 years younger. Our goal is to help you have the healthiest, prettiest skin possible at every age. While we do use models of all ages to represent our belief that taking care of your skin should start young, we also believe that age is something to be respected.


Our products are designed to nourish and support your skin at every stage of life, from the delicate, reactive skin of our youth to the mature, sensitive skin of an older adults. We believe that by taking care of your skin, you are investing in your overall health and wellbeing. Our skincare line includes products such as our hero serums like Stemulation Liquid Gold Facial Serum, Hi Impact, and Elevate Eye Serum, to our selection of hydrators and treatment creams like Drench Daily Hydration, Diamond Neckless and Relance Body Lotion, all designed to help you achieve healthy, glowing skin.

At Stemulation Skin Care, we are passionate about promoting beauty, confidence, and self-love at every age. We want to empower women to embrace their natural beauty and to feel confident in their own skin, no matter the number of birthdays they’ve had. We believe that by promoting healthy, vibrant skin, we can help women feel confident and beautiful at every stage of life.

Aging is something to be celebrated, not dreaded. We encourage women to take care of their skin and to embrace their natural beauty. At Stemulation Skin Care, we are committed to promoting healthy, vibrant skin and empowering women to feel confident and beautiful at every stage of life.



  • Hi, I’m 76 and would like a non wrinkled neck and face.

    How do I get started with the process? My friend looks great after two years on the program. She says you have great sales.


    Marg Taylor

    Marg Taylor
  • I hate the way that beauty companies cater to the younger demographic. At 48, I still love beauty and fashion. I belong to multiple product testing groups and seem to only receive requests for skin creams and serum

    Allison Wakeland

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