Daily Micro Derm Face and Body Scrub

6 oz 180 mL


AHA Herbal Balancing Toner   4 oz 118 mL

  • 1. What makes our "New" Micro Derm Scrub different than other scrubs?

  • 2. What is the recommended use of the Daily Micro Derm Scrub?

  • 3. What are the benefits of use for Daily Micro Derm Scrub?

Customer Reviews

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Seems the product has changed

I’ve been using this daily scrub for years and I’m sad to share that it appears the product is no longer the same with my last order (in May 2022). The scrub used to be gray in color with more micro scrub beads, it’s now white and in my opinion not as good. I’m so disappointed that I received my order and that’s the only way I knew of the change. Hope others feel the same and the product goes back to its original formula. Will say that’s it’s still better than most over the counter scrubs available.

Dear Christine,
Thank you for your honest feedback. We have updated our formulas and we created a bigger difference between Daily Micro Derm and Nitty Gritty. One reason we changed the formulas is because our original formula called for diatomaceous earth. The availability has gone way down while the cost has gone way up. We didn't want to have to increase the price so we found an exceptional new ingredient for the scrub that is indeed, more gentle than before. We are using bamboo for the grit in the Daily Micro Derm.

However, if you prefer a grittier scrub, may we suggest trying the Nitty Gritty Face and Body Polish. We will send you a sample to try.

We appreciate your review and comments and hope you will enjoy both scrubs to alternate your cleansing routine.
Thank you
Stemulation Customer Care

Evelyn V.

Best stuff I’ve used on my skin yet. Makes my face feel as smooth as a babies butt!

Donna B.
Exfoliate and tone. These products

Exfoliate and tone. These products work together and refresh and revitalize my aging skin.

Wendy W.
Best scrub ever!

Love the Micro Derm Face and Body Scrub!! I’ve tried LOTS of scrubs—too gritty, not gritty enough, no lathering with the grit, too oily, etc. This one is hands down the best of its kind!

Thank you so much Wendy

Kim P.
Best Scrub ever!

Love this scrub! It makes my face feel so fresh and ready for the day!

Thank you Kim, we love hearing from our happy customers!

Daily Micro Derm Face and Body Scrub

6 oz 180 mL